Isabelle Lavallée, C. Ped (C)

Isabelle Lavallée was only in high school when she was introduced to the pedorthic profession.
She was a volleyball player in high school in her hometown of Joliette, Quebec, and spent 15 hours a week playing and practicing on the court. When she developed knee problems as a result of the sport, she decided to visit a pedorthist for help.
“I’d never heard of the profession before,” says Isabelle, adding that her experience inspired her to become a pedorthist herself. “I always wanted to work in the health profession. I like to help people, and being a pedorthist allows me to do that every day.”
Prior to receiving her certification, Isabelle earned her diploma from College Montmorency for Orthotics and Prosthetics, and for a few years worked with amputees.  As she started working more and more with foot orthotics, she decided to challenge herself further by taking the C. Ped (C) exam and becoming a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.
Since March 2006, she has been working at a sports medicine centre. “I am fortunate enough to work in close collaboration with sport medicine doctors, orthopedists, and physiotherapists.” This kind of collaboration is partly the reason why she remains passionate about her work.
“What I love best about my job is helping people to stay active with less or no pain,” Isabelle says, adding it’s particularly rewarding when her client base grows. “My greatest reward is when my patients refer their family and friends to me.”
Isabelle’s children have also inherited her love of sports and recreation, and in her spare time, she considers herself a soccer mom and volleyball mom who enjoys taking care of her family. In addition, she likes to read, and has continued pursuing her passion for staying active by playing golf, skating, and geocaching.