Pedorthic Career FAQ

What are the job opportunities for newly trained Pedorthists?

With a 100% placement rate, pedorthics is a growing profession and the employment prospects for new graduates are excellent! With an increased awareness of the benefits of custom-made foot orthotics and appropriate footwear, as well as an aging population that wants to remain active, the demand for pedorthic care continues to rise. Job opportunities are available in retail locations, as well as clinic and lab settings.

What is the starting salary for a newly trained Pedorthist?

According to a survey completed by PAC in 2022, the average base salary for C. Ped (C)s with entry level experience is $58,000.

What does a Pedorthist do?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are experts in designing, fitting, and modifying custom-made foot orthotics and orthopaedic footwear. They consult with patients to determine a pedorthic treatment plan to best meet the patient’s needs.

Pedorthic services include:

  • Assessing patients’ feet and lower legs by reviewing functional anatomy using range of motion, strength, and functional tests

  • Performing a gait assessment (evaluating how the patient walks or runs)

  • Educating patients about their foot or lower limb conditions and recommending a personalized treatment plan

  • Providing custom-made foot orthotics or over-the-counter devices

  • Fitting patients with appropriate footwear for their foot type and problems

  • Modifying patients’ footwear to accommodate problem areas and biomechanical needs

Is a career in pedorthics right for me?

Pedorthics is an excellent career choice for kinesiology and science students who want a challenging and rewarding career in healthcare. Pedorthists have a lot of flexibility to determine the shape of their career. For the entrepreneurial, there are options to buy a pedorthic franchise or open their own independent practice. Some pedorthists work for others in a pedorthic facility or within a larger multidisciplinary environment. While many pedorthists work full time at one location, others choose to work providing pedorthic services to several multidisciplinary clinics or have more than one pedorthic clinic to service several geographic areas. Pedorthics provides many options depending on your career goals, your location, and your own preferences for work-life balance. A career in pedorthics combines clinical and technical skills in challenging ways that allow you to use your academic and practical training to make a real difference in the lives of the people you treat.

I’m interested in becoming a Pedorthist. What’s my first step

Click here for more information about Western University’s post-degree, online Diploma in Pedorthics.

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