Getting Started with Orthotics

Getting Started with Orthotics

If you are experiencing foot or lower limb discomfort, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist may recommend custom-made foot orthotics to help ease your pain or condition.

Here are a few tips to help get you started with your new orthotics!

A custom-made foot orthotic is only as good as the shoe it goes into – the shoe provides the foundation for the orthotic. If your orthotic does not have a good foundation it will not be able to function properly. When you see your Canadian Certified Pedorthist, take your shoes with you to ensure they are suitable for orthotics.

For more information on shoe selection click here.

Initially, a new custom-made foot orthotic may feel intrusive and it may take you a few weeks to get accustomed to it. Canadian Certified Pedorthists often recommend you wear your new orthotic for less than an hour on the first day. Each subsequent day, you should gradually increase the amount of wear time.

A custom-made foot orthotic should never be painful to wear. If your orthotic becomes painful, or you feel that you cannot get used to it, stop wearing it and contact your Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Your Pedorthist will adjust the orthotic to make it more comfortable.

To make an appointment with a Pedorthist to receive an examination and get fitted for a custom-made foot orthotic, click here to find a Pedorthist near you.