Toe Conditions

Lesser Toes

Conditions of the lesser toes can be caused by internal or external factors. Lesser toes refer to all of the toes except the big toe.

  • Improper and/or ill-fitting footwear

  • Neuromuscular factors

  • Peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes or leprosy

  • Rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis

  • Trauma
  • Muscle imbalance

Types of lesser toe conditions and symptoms include deformed toes, corns on the top of joints and pain in the ball of the foot and/or toes. Pedorthic treatment may include custom-made orthotics, proper footwear, footwear modification, and toe spacers or padding.

Pedorthic Pointers for Patients

To alleviate the pain caused by lesser toe deformities, Canadian Certified Pedorthists recommend selecting footwear with:

  • Wide, deep, square toe box to allow proper room for toes and to alleviate pressure
  • A toe box without stitching to avoid irritation

  • Rocker soles (where toe of shoe curves up from the ground) to decrease stress and pressure on the ball of the foot.

Where required, Canadian Certified Pedorthists will also spot stretch areas where the shoe rubs to minimize discomfort and potential irritation. A custom-made foot orthotic can be created to reduce pain and pressure on specific areas such as the ball of the foot. Padding can also be used to protect painful corns and calluses.

If you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort, you should talk to your doctor or book an appointment with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist for pedorthic management including orthopaedic footwear, shoe selection guidance and custom-made foot orthotics.

To make an appointment with a Pedorthist to receive an examination and get fitted for a custom-made foot orthotic, click here to find a Pedorthist near you.