Pedorthic Services

What services do Pedorthists provide?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists – C. Ped (C) provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Assessing your feet and lower legs and providing a gait assessment (evaluating how you walk or run)
  • Educating you about your foot or lower limb condition and the recommended treatment

  • Providing custom-made foot orthotics or over-the-counter devices

  • Professionally fitting you with orthopaedic footwear that is appropriate for your foot type and problems

  • Modifying footwear to accommodate problem areas

Canadian Certified Pedorthists help patients with a wide range of foot and lower limb problems, including:

Canadian Certified Pedorthists offer a comprehensive suite of foot and lower limb products and services including custom-made foot orthotics, orthopaedic and athletic footwear, footwear modifications, compression socks, footcare accessories, and more.

Talk to your physician or book an appointment directly with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist to learn how pedorthic treatment can benefit you. Click here to Find a Pedorthist near you.

Overview and History

Footwear Consultation

Clinical Test

Gait Analysis

Custom Orthotics

Getting Started with Orthotics