Arch Pain

Arch pain is a very common problem seen by Canadian Certified Pedorthists. Plantar fasciitis is a more common diagnosis, but there are lots of other structures under the arch that may be creating pain.

Symptoms of Arch Pain

  • Pain under the arch of the foot

  • There may be swelling present under the arch of the foot

  • The pain may be worse with the first few steps after rising in the morning or after sitting

Causes of Arch Pain

  • Poor foot mechanics

  • Being overweight

  • Improper footwear

  • Sudden activity changes

Pedorthic Pointers for Patients

To prevent and alleviate arch pain, Canadian Certified Pedorthists recommend:

  • Avoid going barefoot or just wearing socks around the house, choose a slipper or sandal with some cushioning and arch support instead.

  • Warming your feet up before you get out of bed, or upon standing will help prepare the tissues for use. Simple circles of the ankle and pointing and flexing the feet can be helpful.

  • Carefully and slowly increasing activity to allow the tissues of the lower limbs time to properly adapt

  • Wearing stable and cushioned shoes with sturdy heel counters (the back of the shoe) to control motion and provide shock absorption

  • When injury does occur, consult a Canadian Certified Pedorthist to determine if an over-the-counter device or a custom-made foot orthotic, along with appropriate footwear, will help the healing process and prevent the recurrence of problems

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