Your Path to Become a C. Ped (C)

To become a C. Ped (C) you must first complete a university degree in Kinesiology or a similar field that includes the pre-requisite courses.

Western University offers 2 online options for a post-graduate Diploma in Pedorthics:

Traditional Route


12 months in length

The program includes course work in biomechanics, anatomy, pathomechanics of the lower limb, foot orthotic fabrication and modification, footwear fitting and modification, and pedorthic practice management. In conjunction with their course work, diploma students also complete practical placements, working with C. Ped (C)s across Canada.

Required: Kinesiology Degree (Including Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Systemic Functional Anatomy and Introduction to Athletic Injuries)

Following completion of the diploma all candidates must pass the Canadian Certified Pedorthist certification exam which consists of two-parts: a 3-hour written component and a 1.5-hour clinical component.

Bridging Route


16 months in length

Western University’s Bridging Program provides an alternative path for students with science-related backgrounds who do not meet the regular admission requirements. This comprehensive four-month online program covers Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Systemic Functional Anatomy, and Introduction to Athletic Injuries, preparing students who do not have a Kinesiology degree to enroll in the Diploma in Pedorthics.

Required: Degree in Sciences, Health Sciences, or related background with 0.5 anatomy course

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Click here for more information about Western University’s post-degree, online pedorthic program. Learn more about bursaries available for students who have to relocate to participate in practicums.

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