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Canadian Certified Pedorthists are

Orthotic and Orthopaedic Footwear Experts

Find a Pedorthist

Talk to your physician or book an appointment directly with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist for  orthopaedic shoes, shoe selection guidance and custom orthotics. Click below to find a Canadian Certified Pedorthist near you.

Custom Foot Orthotics

A foot orthotic is a device that can be discreetly inserted into the shoe to support, align, prevent and/or accommodate foot abnormalities and improve how the foot functions…

Footwear and Modifications

When selecting functional shoes, it is important you carefully consider their fit and function to ensure they will provide you with maximum support. This is important for all ages.

Assessment and Gait Analysis

A gait analysis involves watching someone walk in order to spot unusual walking patterns or problems that come from abnormal structure in the legs or feet found during an exam.

Foot Pain Treatment

With a referral from a physician or other prescribing healthcare practitioner, Canadian Certified Pedorthists help treat patients with a wide range of foot and lower limb problems.

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From the PAC Blog

What to Expect From Your Pedorthic Assessment

For your first appointment with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, there are a fewthings you need to bring: A prescription from your doctor for foot orthotics A pair of your most often worn footwear.  By looking at the wear pattern at the top, bottom and [...]

How long does it take to get used to orthotics?

Every day I see individuals with a wide range of conditions, from very simple and straightforward to very complicated, involving a wide scope of medical practitioners. I also see patients who have never had orthotics to individuals who are being assessed for their tenth [...]

What happens to your feet as you get older?

Have your feet grown as you get older? Your feet can change in shoe size, but the structures haven’t grown. As we age, numerous changes happen to our bodies our hair goes grey, or just goes. We slow down a little with the years. [...]

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