Peter Morcom, C. Ped (C)

Peter Morcom loves being able to help clients get back to their daily routines – no matter what their background or situation is.
“In pedorthics you get a wide variety in patients from professional athletes, to kids, to diabetics. It allows you to help many different people whether they need help with performance, or just be able to do their daily activities.”
As a native of Maple Ridge, Peter received his kinesiology degree from University of the Fraser Valley. When he graduated, he met two friends and Peter quickly saw that it would be great to work at that company.
Peter received his C. Ped (C) in May 2011. The certification allowed him to manage a clinic and be the main practising pedorthist.
Since then, he has become the director of pedorthics and helps train new pedorthists throughout the company. In his role he also plays a part in recruitment, retention and developing careers for pedorthists.
Peter says he enjoys pedorthics because it is a young profession that has lots of room for growth – which he says he felt he could help with. But he also loves working with different clients everyday.
“What I love most about the job is the variety of people I get to work with, and giving patients hope that they will be able to do the activities they love,” he says. “Many times, patients come in expecting the worst as they have been told they cannot run, play soccer, hike anymore. With use of orthotics, braces or footwear modifications we can allow them to keep doing those activities.”
He says the most rewarding part of his work has been watching new pedorthists pass their tests to become C. Ped (C)s, and practice in the field.
In his spare time, Peter enjoys being outdoors – including golfing, fly fishing, camping, and getting out on the river or in the canoe to go fishing.
He adds that he also enjoys being a PAC board member. “As a PAC board member, I think it is important for everyone to look at how that can help grow the pedorthic profession not only in their area, but in Canada,” Peter says.