Jennifer Gould Andrew, C. Ped Tech (C), C. Ped (C)

Growing up in Terrace Bay, ON, Jennifer Gould Andrew was an active soccer player, but she suffered from patellofemoral pain syndrome throughout high school and into university. Physiotherapy helped relieve some symptoms, but her world changed when she was referred to Kim Rau and introduced to pedorthics in her first year of university. Her symptoms were completely resolved – and she had discovered her career path.
“I was a kinesiology student at the time, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life,” says Jennifer, who studied at the University of Waterloo. “(I) decided to go back to the Pedorthist and learn more about the profession. I started volunteering with Kim in clinic and working in the lab while I completed my kinesiology degree… and so began my career!”
After graduating in 1997 she continued working with the same clinic, received her C. Ped Tech (C) and C. Ped (C) designations, and moved to London where she took over a practice located at Western University and worked there for more than 13 years.
Now living in Fredericton, New Brunswick Jennifer continues to practice with a special interest in sports injuries and keeping people active.
Over the years, she has trained at least 10 Pedorthists and continues to be an instructor in the Pedorthic Diploma program at Western University, mentoring the field’s next generation.
Jennifer’s advice to new Pedorthists who would like to achieve success is simple.
“Your patient comes first,” she says. “Make decisions that are best for them, not what is best for your business. For each patient, think about what you would do if that was your personal scenario.”
In her spare time, Jennifer and her husband stay busy with their family. “My spare time is primarily spent with my family – mainly chauffeuring my two children to whatever sport or activity they have on the go, but also enjoying the outdoors with them in a variety of means throughout the seasons,” she says, adding that sports is still a part of her life too. “In the past few years I have been lucky enough to find more regular ‘me time’ that allows me to enjoy my favourite sport – rowing.”