Jane Cromwell, C. Ped Tech (C), C. Ped (C)

Jane Cromwell has enjoyed a long, fulfilling career in pedorthics, 26 years in fact, but she hasn’t come this far completely on her own. “I couldn’t have gotten here without the help, guidance and knowledge of many fellow pedorthists whom I have worked with throughout my career,” she says.
Jane started out her pedorthic journey with a three-year apprenticeship, then worked her way up by becoming an American Certified Pedorthist, then a C. Ped Tech (C) and finally became certified as a C. Ped (C).
 Jane finds her work incredibly rewarding particularly because she gets to work with people. “Helping them to enjoy their lives more fully, helping them to “get back on their feet, so to speak,” she explains—no pun intended.
“There is nothing more rewarding than to help a patient and have them email you or come back to tell you how grateful they are for you giving them back foot comfort,” she says. “By helping someone overcome their mobility issues and providing a great product, exceptional service and educational experience for the patient, I know I have done my job well.”
After so many years doing something she loves, Jane has learned a thing or two about success in pedorthics, which she personally passes on to up-and-coming pedorthists in her clinics. She will tell her colleagues, “Listen to your patients, they will provide you with a thorough history and explanation of what is affecting their mobility. Educate your clients as this will empower them, and overall they will have better results. Lastly, know when to refer them to other allied health professionals, most of the time a team approach offers the best results.”
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