Many people who are required to stand all day at work believe achy feet and legs are just part of the job. But sore feet should not be ignored. Long periods of standing can cause muscle and ligament fatigue, which could increase the risk of injury and damage to your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and other tissues of your feet.
Canada’s National Occupational Health and Safety Resource reports that two out of every three workers suffer from some sort of foot problem in their lifetime. In fact foot injuries account for 10 per cent of all reported disabling injuries in the workplace in Canada. However, eliminating persistent foot pain is much easier than many workers realize. Wearing properly fitted, supportive footwear is one of the best defenses against workplace foot injury. Whether your job requires safety boots or dress shoes, you should always wear correct fitting footwear with maximum support if you are required to spend a lot time on your feet.
For some people, a custom foot orthotic can also be invaluable for providing comfort and correcting weight-bearing foot problems, especially if they stand for most of the day. Custom orthotics help to properly align and cushion one’s feet and lower limbs.
If you are on your feet all the time and experience pain at the end of the day and early in the morning ask your physician for a referral to a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. The Pedorthist will perform a thorough assessment of your feet and lower limbs, ensure your work shoes are properly fitted and supportive and, if necessary, provide custom made orthotics that will keep you on your feet and free of pain.
Submitted by: Tasha Fensom, C. Ped (C), Vancouver, BC