2022 PAC Symposium

April 8-9, 2022

The overall goal of this symposium is to broaden Canadian pedorthists understanding of chronic pain. Chronic pain patients are often labeled as “complex and challenging” and commonly associated with complex neurological conditions – such as complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. Although these conditions accurately fall under the classification of chronic pain, common pedorthic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, plantar heel pain and musculoskeletal injuries can also be “chronic” in nature. Furthermore, when a condition moves from acute to chronic (defined as exceeding the normal healing time for the tissue and/or injury), neurological processes alter the traditional psychological and physiological response to treatment. As clinicians, these processes are important to understand in developing our own treatment plans. Furthermore, it remains imperative to appreciate how other health care practitioners complete the multidisciplinary approach to patient care in treating chronic conditions.

More information coming soon!