When I am fitting a patient for foot orthotics for the first time, they often ask if they can wear their orthotics in all of their shoes. This is a great question. Custom made foot orthotics are highly effective as Canadian Certified Pedorthists make them to precisely fit your feet. However, to receive the full benefit of the orthotic, the orthotic needs to fit properly in your footwear.
Often custom made foot orthotics can be transferred between similar types of shoes. For example, the orthotic that is made for your running shoes will likely fit in your walking or hiking shoes. However, the same orthotic may not fit, or be as effective in, a pair of lady’s dress shoes, sandals, skis or skates.

As each brand and style of shoe is made differently it is important to carefully check how your orthotic fits when you transfer it to a different pair of shoes. To check the fit, slide your hand into the front of your shoe and feel the length and width of the orthotic in comparison to the shoe. If your orthotic fits correctly, it will lie flat on the base of your shoe – it will not tilt up either side of your shoe. If you can feel a bulge or space between the side of your orthotic and your shoe the orthotic doesn’t fit. A poor fitting orthotic may slide within, or stretch, your shoe and it will not provide you with the support you require.
When you are being fitted for orthotics, it is important to take the footwear you will be wearing them in to your pedorthic appointment so your Pedorthist can take the style into account during the design and manufacturing stage. If you plan to wear your orthotics in multiple pairs of shoes, take both pairs to your fitting appointment as your Pedorthist may need to make some minor adjustments to the orthotics or the footwear to ensure a proper fit.
Discreetly hidden within footwear, orthotics can make an enormous difference to your comfort and mobility. However, ensuring the orthotics fit properly within your footwear is essential. Canadian Certified Pedorthists are orthotic and footwear experts so work closely with your Pedorthist to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits from your orthotics. Your Pedorthist will also advise if two pairs of orthotics would be best for your lifestyle needs.
By Alison Smith C. Ped (C) Moncton, New Brunswick