There are many reasons people get back pain, but one of the causes most people don’t think of is a person’s feet. If you have persistent, unexplained back pain ask your doctor to refer you to a foot expert such as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Your pedorthist will conduct a full assessment of your feet and lower limbs, and assess the way you walk.

The solution to your back pain may very well come from treating your feet. People who stand all day at work, particularly if they have to lean slightly to operate heavy equipment, often suffer from back pain. Because these workers have shifted their centre of gravity to operate their equipment, their hamstrings and back muscles are always firing, they’re always working. The pain becomes worse if the person has poor alignment in their feet, as the demand on their muscles intensifies.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists can manufacture and dispense custom foot orthotics that will ease this type of back pain. Like eyeglasses correct your vision, foot orthotics can be designed to alter the position of a person’s foot, and the timing of their muscle activity. Essentially the foot orthotics reduce the load on back muscles and other supporting muscles so they don’t have to work as hard. This in turn eases the pain in your back.

Your feet can still cause you back pain even if you don’t have a job that requires you to stand all day. If your feet naturally roll outwards, for example, or oversupinate when you run or walk, your feet will become less flexible and will not be able to absorb the shock they’re meant to. Some people’s natural stance is slightly rolled out at the heels or supinated, but you may unknowingly compensate for pain in your feet or legs by standing differently, standing on the outsides of your feet. This shift will cause your other joints and muscles to complain, often in your back.

In this situation, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist would use a custom foot orthotic to shift the pressure on your feet, and thus reduce your back pain. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or stand all day at work, your feet take a lot of pounding. Your feet can withstand a lot of demands, but whether you have good biomechanics or not, you need to support them.

Many foot injuries are actually caused by shoes and boots that don’t fit properly. Narrow, fashionable higher heeled shoes often pinch the toes and cause you unnaturally to shift your weight forward. Loose and unsupportive footwear doesn’t provide the support your feet really need.

Your feet provide your base of support, all day every day. When something is wrong with your feet, you may experience discomfort in a wide range of joints and muscles, including your back, hips, and knees. If you are experience in any of these areas, don’t delay. Book an appointment with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.