There are a few tips Canadian Certified Pedorthists give their patients when they’re starting out with their new orthotics. Most importantly is the footwear needs to go into a stable, functional shoe. The shoe is the foundation, therefore the orthotic is only as good as the shoe it goes into. Most people, when they get their new orthotics, can wear them all day long. However if you have any new pain, or an increase in old symptoms, we suggest that you take them out and have a break from them and slowly build up a tolerance. We like to do a follow-up one month after you’ve had your orthotics, so if you’re experiencing any problems before the one month, we recommend that you see your pedorthist. Finally, it’s important to know that orthotics should not hurt or cause blisters. If they do, take them back to your Canadian Certified Pedorthist so that they can make adjustments and they’ll fit you perfectly.