My Story: Why I decided to become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist
I started off my university career with a general idea of what I wanted to study but I really had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I completed my undergraduate degree in kinesiology knowing that whatever I did, it would in some way be related to the field of healthcare and/or sports. It wasn’t until my fourth and final year of my degree that I came across the option of a field placement course that allowed students to spend some time in a kinesiology related placement – I chose pedorthics. I had the great pleasure of spending time with a certified pedorthist in London, Ontario who truly inspired me to become a Pedorthist. I was always interested in biomechanics and physiology classes but hadn’t figured out how I would apply this to my everyday life. I also enjoyed creating things (I was one of those kids that showed crafts in the local fairs…ha ha).
Working in the field of pedorthics combines the science of human kinetics with the art of fabrication. It seemed to be a good fit for me so I enrolled in the Diploma in Pedorthics program through Continuing Studied at Western Ontario. I must say that my choosing to become a Pedorthist was heavily influenced by those who I learned from – they motivated me. I wanted to focus on helping people to be better, whether that meant helping someone to be more active, feel less pain, or walk with more ease. I felt that if I could combine my interests while helping people, I would enjoy going to work each day – and I do! As a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, each day brings something new and there are always challenges and triumphs. Some say there is no such thing as a selfless act – maybe this is true because I must say that feels great to hear that you have helped someone reach their goals for improvement. I know I have made the right career choice for myself and I am grateful to those who encouraged and pushed me along the way. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in becoming a Pedorthist please note that March 1, 2012: is the deadline for admission applications to the Diploma in Pedorthics offered through Continuing Studies at Western. For more information visit  or click here  for more details on becoming a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.
Submitted by: Kimberley Coates, C. Ped (C) Toronto, ON