If your feet hurt continually you may be wondering if custom shoes will help.
Although persistent foot pain can be eased through pedorthic treatment, custom-made footwear is traditionally reserved for individuals who are physically unable to get their foot into a retail or orthopaedic shoe due to a structural (bony) deformity. These people would not be able to wear shoes if we did not build a shoe around their foot.
While foot pain can be debilitating and finding comfortable shoes may be a challenge, custom-made footwear is not necessarily the answer. To ease foot pain, Canadian Certified Pedorthists employ a variety of techniques including modifying shoes with special design features and high tech materials.
The term “orthopaedic footwear” makes many people shudder, but orthopaedic shoes are no longer the bulky, ugly shoeboxes of the past, there are now styles to suit all ages and fashion tastes. Designed with a number of medically beneficial features and functions to support specific foot conditions, orthopaedic shoes often play an important role in easing foot pain. Orthopaedic shoes can also be modified to accommodate the needs of the individual foot.
Foot pain will not go away on its own and it is not something you have to live with. If you suffer from lingering foot pain or have a specific fit concern, book a consultation with your local Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Following a thorough biomechanial assessment and gait analysis, your Pedorthist will review the best possible treatment options to address your individual needs.
By Johan Steenwyk, C. Ped (C), C Ped. MC, Red Deer, Alberta