Sean Murray, C. Ped (C) lives in Gloucester, ON has been practicing pedorthics for 30 years and now works at his clinic in Ottawa – Ottawa Sport & Health Clinic. He loves to travel, stay active and plays golf and hockey on his free time.
Upon completing his diploma in Sport Injury Management from Sheridan College, he knew he needed a career that would fulfil his fascination of biomechanics. He began to connect with athletic therapists and started learning about orthotic design and manufacturing; it was then that he shifted his focus from treating pain to preventing pain using orthotics.
After Sean completed his C. Ped (C) certification, he branched out into a partnership and opened a privately-owned orthotic clinic, where he established an on-site lab for manufacturing. After a few years, he also joined in with a newly formed sports injury clinic. Sean was drawn to the idea of this new clinic because it encompassed many services to meet all patient needs. From bracing, to chiropractic needs, to orthotics, his clinic employs a team of incredible experts. Sean loves being self-employed and enjoys working with a team of like-minded health care professionals. He is proud of his long-lasting relationships with both patients and specialists in his community. In fact, his network had grown so much that he established several satellite clinics in Ottawa to reach an even broader audience.
Sean is incredibly happy that he gets to help people everyday. His favourite feeling is when a patient tries orthotics instead of getting surgery, and the orthotic works! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client pain-free and active again.
He has two pieces of advice for pedorthists out there.

  1. “Don’t oversell. People are putting their trust in us to recommend appropriate care and if you oversell or over promise, that not only tarnishes the industry but your individual reputation. Much of my success if based off word of mouth. You cannot afford unhappy patients.”
  2. “Take the opportunity to network in the Association and take advantage of the Symposiums. Much of my learning has been the result of interesting keynote speakers and colleagues. Over the years, I have also participated in the pedorthic placement program. These mentoring opportunities have been very fulfilling for me personally.”