Julia Hayman’s, C. Ped (C), interest in pedorthics started at only 13 years old, after receiving her first pair of orthotics from a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. This interaction later inspired her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in pedorthics from the University of Western Ontario. Today, she’s living in Barrie, ON as a Certified Pedorthist with over five years of experience in the field. Julia believes patience and understanding are what makes a great pedorthist.

About a year and half ago, Julia proudly opened her own practice, On the Ball Orthotics. She wants to continue building her practice with other Pedorthists and teach a few students along the way. Julia is passionate about discovering innovative pain relief solutions for her patients.
Julia has reopened On the Ball Orthotics since the COVID-19 closure. The clinic now provides hand sanitizer, pre-screening procedures, and increased room disinfecting in between appointments for all patients. They also encourage patients to book their visits ahead of time.
When she’s not working with patients, she could be playing beach and court volleyball, water and downhill skiing, hiking, biking, or running. She also enjoys volunteering, cooking, and baking on her spare time.
Julia’s advice for aspiring pedortists:
“Always continue to learn from others. There are so many different techniques and new knowledge to learn. The same treatment doesn’t work for everyone, and sometimes you need to think outside of your normal routine to come up with a solution.”