Christy Shantz, C. Ped Tech (C), C. Ped (C)

Christy Shantz always thought she would be a chiropractor – but when she took a job in a pedorthic clinic to make money after school, she knew the pedorthic profession was for her.
“After a year of working in the clinic, I realized that I really enjoyed working with the patients in a hands-on setting and helping to make a difference in their lives,” says Christy, who has now been in the profession for more than 16 years.
She earned a degree in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, and after her experience at the pedorthic clinic, Christy went on to become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, and is now the owner of the clinic where she first started out.
Throughout her career, she has remained passionate about her work and loves many aspects of her job.  She adds that her work has been very rewarding throughout the years, and says it feels great to know she has made a difference in her patients’ lives.
“I love the feeling when a patient comes to me in so much pain and I’m able to make a difference in the quality of their lives,” Christy says. “Knowing that I’ve helped people enjoy their activities more comfortably, and in some cases avoiding surgery, it’s an awesome feeling.”
Christy has been a mentor for 12 budding pedorthists, and has enjoyed working with students in the pedorthic program at Western University and helping them earn their certification.
As a self-described “tom-boy,” Christy says she has always loved sports and continues to play in her spare time. She used to run track in university and play soccer, and now plays football, and enjoys golfing with her children.