Kerrie Boelsterli-Bailey, C. Ped (C)

After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University 2010, Kerrie Boelsterli-Bailey was working as a Kinesiologist, but something was missing. She recalls, “It just wasn’t really stimulating enough—I wasn’t part of treatment as much as I wanted to be. I knew I had to go back to school.”
“One day I was on Facebook and I saw an ad for Pedorthics and I clicked on it,” Kerrie says. This prompted her to begin researching the profession more deeply, speaking with local pedorthists and specialists. Kerrie is a poster child for the impact digital advertising can have on both young professionals looking at career choices online, as well as the profession’s propensity to really grow. She quickly applied to the Pedorthic Program at Western and became enamoured with the practice.
Kerrie joined PAC in July 2012 as a Pedorthics Student and began practicing after the successful completion of the exams that fall.
“My experience in the profession is still very young, so every case is new and different, she explains. “Just seeing patients leave the clinic with less pain than when they came in is so rewarding.” What she enjoys most though is being able to help people—and relatively quickly compared to other similar professions.
As for her role at PAC, Kerrie brings a real, genuine enthusiasm to the profession. Recently she was able to host her first Pedorthics student from Western’s Continuing Study program and hopes to do that more often. Kerrie hopes not only to leave the student with more knowledge and wisdom as when they begin with her, but to equally gain new skills and ideas through the students.
A native of Belmont, Ontario, Kerrie stayed close to home building a life in St. Thomas with her husband and two small children. In the summer you can find them walking the pier in Port Stanley, and in the winter on local tobogganing hills.