When some pedorthists make their career switch to our wonderful industry, they do so with an eye to their own background. Being an athletic individual and growing up in the environment he did, one cannot be surprised that Mark McColman of Vancouver came into the industry as his ultimate career move.
Growing up in Brantford, Mark began working in his father’s sporting goods store at the age of 12. From that early time, Mark learned the value of good customer service, which he would later translate into a career in mechanics before switching over to biomechanics. He then went on to study Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and began his career in pedorthics.
But fate worked in an interesting way for Mark; during a European trip, he found himself mountain climbing in Switzerland with a Vancouver native. The discussion between the two turned to life in the British Columbia metropolis, a city that piqued Mark’s curiosity enough for him to decide to make the trek across Canada to set up shop there.
With a “let’s go see if I can make this work” attitude, Mark took a ski trip out west in 1990 to evaluate this opportunity. He found that it would be, as he later described, the “ultimate challenge” and met it head on. Soon after arriving in Vancouver, Mark founded Kintec Orthotics.
Now, two decades later, the business has grown from its founding format. Now called Kintec Performance Footwear and Orthotics, the company has experienced a strong rate of growth in both the Clinic and Lab Service areas. Mark comments, however, that the expansion was not an immediate move; rather, it was a “slow burn” style of growth.
In taking his business to a higher level, Mark made an important business decision. Sacrificing his vision of a larger scale venture, he instead kept his focus on ensuring that he had the best products and services available in the Vancouver market, insisting on quality over quantity.
The quality is not just related to the technology available at Kintec. It also, if not more so, has to do with the people he has brought in to be part of his team. Mark comments that he is insistent on maintaining high standards in his office, ensuring that he has the best team available for his clients. As part of this credo, Mark and his team have instituted one of the best training and support programs available in the industry.
That team mentality isn’t just limited to his business.
Outside of Kintec, Mark enjoys hockey and baseball and, when he’s not on the ice or diamond himself, he can be found behind the bench, coaching his nine and six-year-old sons’ teams. Mark still enjoys his solo pursuits, however, which include racing motorcycles, kite boarding, skiing and fishing. He has competed in international events in motocross, road racing and trials. He notes that the key to success in motorcycle racing is just as it is in business – preparation and commitment.