If you’re studying kinesiology or health sciences and are interested in pursuing a rewarding career in healthcare with excellent employment prospects, I highly recommend you consider becoming a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. My days are interesting and varied and I have a great work/life balance. This short video will give you a taste of a career as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.
Canadian Certified Pedorthists are orthotic and orthopedic footwear experts. Trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and muscle and joint function, we work alongside physicians and other healthcare providers to improve or maintain the activity level and mobility of patients with pain, abnormalities and debilitating foot and lower limb conditions. 
Once you have completed a university degree with the required pre-requisite courses, you can choose one of two paths to complete your post-graduate pedorthic training: a 12-month distant learning program through Western University, or an apprenticeship program which requires a minimum of 3,500 hours or approximately 2-3 years of training. Both paths provide excellent preparation for the final certification exams; you should select the path that best meets your time goals and preferred method of learning.
Unlike many careers, new Pedorthist graduates have little difficulty finding work in their field. Our growing aging population combined with an increased awareness of the benefits of custom foot orthotics and appropriate footwear and the importance of living a healthy, active life, means the number of patients looking for pedorthic care continues to increase each year.
One of the things that drew me to pedorthics was the flexibility to shape my career. I wanted to work in a field that combined health and athletics and today I see patients from professional athletes to individuals living with diabetes. However, there are a wide variety of other options within the pedorthic field, depending on your area of interests and career goals. If you’re entrepreneurial, you can open an independent practice or buy a pedorthic franchise. If you prefer collaborating with team members, you can work in a large multidisciplinary clinic or healthcare centre. If you prefer part-time work, you can join an established pedorthic clinic.  
I cannot imagine a better career. I think you’ll feel the same way.
By Peter Morcom, C. Ped (C), President, Pedorthic Association of Canada