During the fitting appointment, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist ensures the proper fit and function of the foot orthosis to both the patient and the footwear. The pedorthist will make any necessary changes to the orthosis immediately in an onsite laboratory. Pedorthists will check the fit, condition, and function of the patient’s footwear. In addition, they will provide the following information with respect to orthoses and footwear.


  • Care and expected longevity of the orthotic device;
  • What the patient should and should not feel, initially and over the long term;
  • Appropriate duration and necessity of wear – initially, short term, and long term; and
  • Timelines and expectations for the relief of symptoms.


  • Education on appropriate footwear fit, features, and choices; and
  • Specific footwear recommendations based on the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

They will also advise the patient on lower limb health and safety, injury prevention, and other considerations for treatment.
A Canadian Certified Pedorthist typically follows up with patients within 2–6 weeks to ensure that the implemented solution is working as intended. Any issues would be addressed at this time.
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Like all healthcare professionals, Canadian Certified Pedorthists believe that it is important to build long-term relationships with patients. As a patient’s needs change over time, a trusted pedorthist can provide ongoing advice and support to the patient.
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