Orthoses Finishing and Quality Control

Shell sizing: The shell or footbed is carved to the appropriate depth and length (20). See flow charts.

Further additions and excavations: Alterations such as metatarsal pads, horseshoe pads, and wells for bony prominences can be performed at this stage as well as during the manufacturing processes described above.

Posting: Thermoplastic material is heated and cemented in layers to the bottom of the shell, then carved to create the desired balance and pressure dispersion. This can be done manually or as part of the milling or 3D printing process described above.

Lining: A top cover material is cemented to the top of the shell to achieve the desired support and cushioning between the foot and the custom foot orthosis.

Quality Control: The custom foot orthosis is evaluated to ensure it fills the prescription lab order and meets the standards established by the lab.

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