Footwear Modifications, Alterations, and Non-Modifications

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Permanent Footwear Modifications

Permanent footwear modifications are changes that are not temporary, but are substantive and result in a shoe that cannot be easily returned to its original condition. Once modified, this footwear would not be appropriate for someone without the medically indicated deformity.

Footwear modifications – either on their own or combined with custom-made orthoses and/or orthopaedic shoes – are a useful way to help patients with certain foot conditions.

Footwear modifications can be simple or complex, with price and impact varying accordingly.

These modifications can be made to everyday footwear as well as athletic shoes. Canadian Certified Pedorthists have the experience and training to modify sports footwear such as hockey, speed, and figure skates, and boots for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

Some modifications are not appropriate for all types of footwear and options should be discussed carefully with a trained Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

Non-Permanent Minor Footwear Modifications

Non-permanent footwear modifications are considered minor alterations and are not considered permanent footwear modifications. They are generally used to fine-tune the fit or support of a shoe.

The following fee guidelines represent current reasonable and customary rates in the Canadian pedorthic industry.

Footwear Modifications/Questionable Charges

Questionable footwear modifications refer to charges that may be excessive and/or inappropriate for various reasons outlined in this section.