The holidays can be a busy time of year; surviving a party, family event, baking, shopping or a busy shift at work should not be something to worry about! Being prepared for whatever event you’re attending and being realistic about what you’ve got on your feet can go a long way!

Holiday Parties

First and foremost, take a look at what you will be doing and be realistic. If you are going to a dinner or mostly seated event, it might be alright to wear the party shoes you’ve been saving for a special occasion. If you’re attending a dinner you may be seated most of the time and so you may not need to wear your orthopaedic walking shoes to not suffer. In this case, make sure the shoes fit properly and are not compressing the sides of your feet. Don’t force yourself into shoes that look great just to suffer the entire time.

If you will be standing or walking during the event, consider wearing boots or walking shoes to your event and change into another pair while there. Walk in comfortable, dry and warm, and change into party shoes upon arrival! Bring a pair of shoes or sandals for dancing so once you’re up on your feet you can move with comfort! We all know someone who has found barefoot more comfortable than their party shoes, which is not recommended!

If you’re attending a home event, or even preparing to host your own event, don’t be afraid to bring and wear indoor footwear. This is more common than you would think. Slippers, sandals or cleaned shoes are an easy way to enjoy your holiday event!

Ultimately, being picky when you’re buying your next pair of party shoes will pay off! Make sure you’re choosing footwear that fits well, isn’t too pointy, or even too high and has some cushion under the foot. A bonus shoe will have a removable footbed for your orthotic inserts. Everyone has those killer shoes, that they rarely wear because they kill their feet!

In the Kitchen

If you are cooking and baking more often, finding the right pair of shoes in the kitchen can help to reduce pressure on the feet. We tend to stand longer than we expect when cooking and baking, especially during the holidays. If you typically walk without support around the house, such as barefoot or with a slipper, additional support may be necessary in the kitchen. If you wear orthotics and love slippers, find a slipper that can fit your orthotics. Slippers with a removable footbed will give you this option.


If you are shopping in a physical store this year, remember to wear comfortable shoes. Even if you plan to have a quick trip to a single store, a comfortable pair of shoes will save you if the trip turns longer than expected. A walking or running shoe is ideal, but there are boots that can be comfortable as well. It may be beneficial to keep a pair of comfortable walking shoes in your car in case you decide to go shopping when least expected.

Long Work Shifts

If you’re worried about long, busy shifts at work, make sure you’ve got good shoes and even insoles under your feet. Updating your footwear before busy season instead of after will always help you through the long hours. Worn out shoes won’t have the support, structure, or cushion you need, no matter how good they once were. Talking to your Canadian Certified Pedorthist about compression socks is also a good option for fighting off tired sore legs after long days.

Taking care of yourself through the holidays is a great gift for yourself this holiday season. Happy feet, and Happy Holidays!

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Written by Katherine Hall, C. Ped (C)