Many people find Father’s Day one of the most difficult gift buying occasions of the year. The days of giving ties and coffee mugs are long gone and the ever-popular grilling tools and shaving sets are losing their appeal. Finding a thoughtful gift for Dad that he’ll get much enjoyment from is a tough assignment but I have a suggestion. Buy Dad a pair of sports specific shoes.
As a Canadian Certified Pedorthist I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing shoes that are designed for your specific sport. Sport specific shoes greatly increase comfort and performance and most importantly they reduce the risk of injury. Many men, who participate in a recreational sport don’t wear sport appropriate footwear. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to buy Dad the shoes he needs and will love.

Whether Dad likes running, court sports, field sports or specialty sports, shoes designed to meet the specific movements and forces of his chosen sport are available. If Dad plays a variety of sports he should have shoes that are specific for each sport. Equally important as wearing sport specific shoes is wearing shoes that are professionally fitted, so on Father’s Day give Dad a card saying you will buy him a pair of sports shoes and then take him shopping. He’ll enjoy the outing with you as much as the shoes.
Here are some tips to help you buy Dad sport shoes that fit perfectly:
* Make sure Dad wears his sport socks shoe shopping. Socks vary greatly in thickness so they can alter the fit of the shoe.
* If Dad uses foot orthotics remind him to try on his sports shoes with his orthotics.
* Plan your shoe shopping for the afternoon. Feet expand throughout the day so it is important to buy shoes that fit when Dad’s feet are at their biggest.
* Although Dad may be certain of his shoe size, encourage him to have his feet measured as shoe sizes vary from brand to brand and style to style and people’s feet change over time.
* Tell Dad that comfort is key. If his sports shoes don’t feel comfortable the minute he puts them on they are not right for him. Shoes don’t stretch to fit over time, they should fit from the start.
Dads love their sports so make this Father’s Day extra special by giving your Dad a pair of shoes that will help him enjoy his sport even more. And if he has any lower limb or foot pain, suggest he book an appointment with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. A Pedorthist will help ease Dad’s pain and keep him in the game instead of on the sidelines.
By Steve Stredulinsky, C. Ped (C), Abbotsford, BC