Trick or treat, let’s take care of our feet!

Halloween is an exciting time for all ages. It’s a time to dress up, let loose, and enjoy some goodies. Below are a few tricks to ensure that your feet feel like a “treat” during your Halloween outings!

Below we will outline a few tips and ‘tricks’ for both adult and kid Halloween goers.



Wear supportive and appropriate footwear. Trick or treating comes with plenty of steps as you go from house-to-house collecting goodies. As the evening turns to dark you want to ensure you aren’t accidentally stepping on any hazards that can puncture through a flimsy shoe or costume. Whether out in the evening or dressing up at school an alternative to an uncomfortable or unsupportive shoe would be to tape, glue, or tie a picture to the shoe to complete the outfit. For example, you can glue a picture of Cinderella’s shoe to your running shoe or rain boot, weather permitting.

Before heading out for the evening be sure to check the weather network. Rain or shine, the show often goes on! Be sure to wear the appropriate footwear for the weather conditions. If you are expecting snow or rain, get out your weatherproof boots to protect you from the cold or damp weather. Heating pads on top of your socks in the toe box can keep those little toes warm on chilly evenings.

When looking for an appropriate running shoe be sure to grab the middle of the shoe and ensure that you cannot ring it out like a dish cloth. The sole should be firm. Make sure that you have enough room to wear comfortable warm socks whilst still offering wiggle room in the toes. Crammed feet can lead to cold feet.



Whether attending a house party or trick-or-treating with your children, the last thing you want is to flare up your plantar fasciitis from wearing your ballet flats to match your ballerina outfit. is also important that you have a durable sole.

Consider indoor footwear for your costume party. When standing around the kitchen counter telling spooky stories and indulging in treats you may want to bring an indoor shoe or slipper. Standing on hard surfaces and floors can cause undue strain on your feet. Having a spare pair of comfortable shoes with you for when you need to drop Cinderella’s shoe is always a good idea! Who knows your Prince Charming may also be at the party! When looking for an indoor shoe look for a slipper or sandal that offers arch support.

Below are a few things to be aware of when standing on different surfaces.

-Trick or treating: Walk on grass or gravel vs. pavement. This will reduce some strain on your lower limbs.

-Parties: Stand on carpet vs. hardwood/vinyl/tile. Keep moving so that you are not standing in one place for extended periods. Should you feel fatigue in your feet, sit when the opportunity arises.


If you are diabetic be mindful of the effect of those sugary treats on your overall health and feet. Advanced cases of Diabetes can cause loss off protective sensation in your feet (neuropathy).

Above all, the best way to celebrate Halloween festivities is pain free. Take the steps to celebrate in comfort this holiday season.

For more individualized information about your feet, contact your local Canadian Certified Pedorthist!


Written by Chelsea Mathews, C. Ped (C)