Here is a list of the Top 5 things you should resolve to do for better foot and lower limb health:
1. Stretch
If you have one resolution for better foot and lower limb health, stretching should be it!
Stretching reduces muscle tension, improves range of motion, increases coordination, and it can even increase circulation and energy levels. Most of us are less active in the winter months and don’t feel like braving the cold temperatures for some exercise, and stretching is the perfect remedy to keep you limber and healthy over the winter season and throughout the rest of the year.
Stretching the lower legs and feet can help decrease the chances of soft tissue injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. So to help keep those feet and lower limbs healthy, just keep them moving!
2. Moisturize
Your skin can always use some TLC! Whether your feet are tucked away in warm boots or braving the elements in a pair of sandals, your feet can really take a beating. Giving the feet and legs a little dose of hydration will keep your skin smooth and help prevent painful cracked heels and chronic callouses.
3. Inspect Your Toes
Trim them, paint them…just take a look at them! Those cold winter months bring nights bundled up by the fire, warm woolly socks and big clunky boots so you don’t get a chance to check out the toes too often. Make sure there are no infections or ingrown nails and make sure they are just the right length.
4. Treat Yourself to New Shoes
Go ahead and treat yourself to many things throughout the year, you deserve it! At the top of the list, make sure to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. There are many factors and theories about determining how often to replace your shoes and how quickly they wear out. However, a general rule of thumb is to replace them every 800 km, or approximately every year. So this new year take a look at your shoes and make sure they are still doing their job!
5. Dance!
Life is too short to be anything but happy so make sure to have some fun! Dancing has many benefits for the health of your legs and especially the feet. Dancing is good for the feet, body and mind so add a little skip to your step to improve your health this new year!
Submitted by: Amy Guest, C. Ped (C) Kingston, ON