Keynote Speakers

William Stanish, MD, FRCS(C), AOA, LLD

Dr. William Stanish is the founder and Director of the Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine Clinic of Nova Scotia created in 1976. He received his MD from Dalhousie University in 1970.Upon graduation, Dr. Stanish was the recipient of the prestigious Malcolm Honour Award, given to the Dalhousie graduate acknowledging his exceptional contribution to the University and the community.  His Residency Training commenced at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, England, where his primary focus was Rheumatology, Neurology and Spinal Cord Injuries.  This was followed by training in Orthopaedic Surgery under the leadership of the late Professor Emeritus, Reginald Yabsley.  Upon completion of his Residency, Dr. Stanish did a combined Fellowship in Disorders of the Spine and Sports Medicine at Harvard University.  Dr. Stanish became a faculty member of Dalhousie University in 1976 and was awarded the COA French Traveling Fellowship in 1978.  He has been President of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine, the Orthopaedic Society of Nova Scotia and the famed Herodicus Sports Medicine Society.  Further, he has held executive positions on a number of provincial, national and international societies.

Professor Stanish, as a clinical scientist, has fostered research in the areas of physiology and biomechanics of tendon, ligament and knee cartilage.  He has been the recipient of funding from many national and international agencies.  His peer reviewed publications by 2019 are 279.  He has authored multiple book chapters and articles.  He has co-authored the highly regarded textbooks the “Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine” and “Tendinitis: Its Etiology and Treatment”, both published by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Stanish has lectured worldwide and has been the recipient of many medals, honors and awards – most recently membership in the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame, the Dalhousie University Sport Hall of Fame and the University of Prince Edward Island Sport Hall of Fame.  He holds an Honorary Doctor of Laws from St. Francis Xavier University and in 2016, the Doctor of Laws from the University of Prince Edward Island.


Klaas Postema, MD

In 1977, during his medical study, Klaas started as student-assistent at the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Free University in Amsterdam. He became very enthusiastic about gait, foot problems and orthotic / pedorthic treatment. In 1991 he edited a Dutch textbook about pedorthic footwear.

In 2018 he was editor-in-chief of the textbook ‘Pedorthic footwear; Assessment and treatment’, published by the foundation BERJALAN (www.berjalan.org). Klaas is the author of more than 130 peer reviewed articles. He wrote different chapters in textbooks and was invited speaker at many international congresses. Klaas presented numerous national and international courses about Biomechanics of gait and pedorthic footwear.

Klaas began working as a Physiatrist in different rehabilitation centers and hospitals. He was appointed as a professor in Rehabilitation Medicine and Head of Department for Rehabilitation Medicine at the University Medical Center Groningen. Klaas became a member of the Dutch Health Council in 2011 and still remains a member. He was the Medical scientific director of SPRINT and is currently the Associate Editor of the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. He was previously the visiting professor at the Airlangga University in Surabaya, Indonesia. Klaas is most recently the Director of Foundation Berjalan.

Symposium Speakers


Kelly Robb, C. Ped (C), PhD

Kelly Robb has been a registered Canadian Certified pedorthist since 2009. She completed her PhD studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, where her research focused on the connection between neuromechanics, mechanoreceptor facilitation, lower limb muscular activity, and foot orthotics. She has published multiple academic research articles which highlights her unique skill set in fine-wire electromyography of muscles from the lower leg and intrinsics of the foot. Her interest lies in understanding the mechanism supporting foot orthoses use, with a long-term goal of improving clinical practice and evidence-based treatment options for practicing pedorthists. Kelly’s research has now landed her a post-doctoral appointment at Laurier where she continues to grow the body of literature on textured foot orthoses design and locomotion.


Kelly is the current president of the Pedorthic Association of Canada board of directors. She is the successful recipient of Canadian tri-council funding. She has taught biomechanics and anatomy to undergraduate students and facilitated multiple thesis students through the research experience. She has previously served on Wilfrid Laurier’s research ethics board and is a course instructor in Western University’s pedorthic diploma program at Western University. Since 2019, Kelly has been a part of The Kintec Group’s research and development team assisting the advancement of both internal and external research initiatives.


Alison Smith, C. Ped (C)

Alison has been a contributor to the Pedorthic industry for over 20 years. She resides and operates her clinic in Moncton, New Brunswick. She has served as a volunteer with PAC for over 9 years. She is a past-president of PAC and is currently vice chair of IGR.





Katia Langton, C. Ped (C), PhD

Dr. Katia Langton, DC, C. Ped (C) is certified in Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention & Comprehensive Management and Treatment of the Neuropathic Foot. Secretary of the Diabetic Foot Stream Committee of the International Diabetes Federation which has created international guidelines to protect the Diabetic Foot from progressing down the deleterious pathway of ulcerations and amputations. International speaker on preventing Diabetic Foot Disease and treating patients earlier in Risk Category 1 and 2 and differentiating patients with Diabetic Neuropathy from patients with Neuropathy from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.


Michael Ryan, C. Ped (C)

Dr. Michael Ryan is the VP of Brand and Innovation at the Kintec Group and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Ryan is a global leader in the role of footwear and injury risk in runners and has been published in over 40 peer-reviewed articles in top journals in the fields of sports medicine, orthopedics and biomechanics based over 20 years of work as a research partner of Nike testing their latest line-up of injury prevention footwear. He currently oversees Kintec’s manufacturing, marketing and innovation departments that includes partnerships with leading Canadian universities that have resulted in three separate patent-pending technologies.

Andrew Longbottom, C. Ped (C)

Andrew is a Certified Pedorthist with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree from the McMaster University. Andrew currently works at a large multi-disciplinary clinic alongside orthopedic surgeons, chiropodists, footcare nurses and assistants/technicians. The clinic sees over 50 patients a day and are the number one referred to clinic in the city. Andrew has been practicing for 13 years and is currently the principle investigator in clinical research. He has has several pedorthist students and recently presented a technologies based PAC Talk.


Christy Shantz, C. Ped (C)

Christy Shantz is a certified pedorthist practicing in London, ON. She began working in the field of pedorthics in 2002 after graduating from the University of Waterloo (BSc. Kin, honours). In 2005, Christy bought and took over the day-to-day operations of her mentor’s practice, rebranding as Shantz Orthotic Solutions Inc. Christy built her business and reputation with hard work, great client rapport, and hundreds of hours in the business, often as a solo pedorthist in a busy clinic and lab. Christy has grown and expanded her practice to include a second pedorthist and, in 2020, opened a second clinic in Chatham, ON. Throughout her 18 years of business, Christy has enjoyed mentoring the next generation of pedorthists through Western University’s Diploma in Pedorthics as well as Kinesiology students. In her time away from her clinic, Christy is a busy mom to 2 teenagers and is an avid golfer.


Yotam Friedman Raz, C. Ped (C)

Yotam Friedman Raz has been making shoes for over a decade. In 2016, he moved to Canada to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with the aim to become a C. Ped (C). Yotam recently completed his BSc (Hon.) in Kinesiology. During his undergraduate deggree Yotam carried out 2 studies assessint the affect of foot orthotics on the biomechanical outcomes of gait. Yotman Co-Owns Ground Control Orthotics with Jennifer Saunders C. Ped (C), C. Ped Tech (C).





Nick Caravaggio, C. Ped (C)

Nick Caravaggio is a second generation Pedorthist. He recently took over his fathers practice (Nick Sr.) at the Cavavaggio Orthotic Clinic in Peterborough, Ontario. The clinic has been operating since 1970 and has treated thousands of patients, both locally and throughout the world. Nick is on the Insurance and Government Relations Committee with PAC. He is a avid soccer player and high ranking referee with Ontario Soccer. He has published his first book called PETES 101: The Unofficial History of the Peterborough Petes.


Diane Wooden, BSc, MPA

Diane Wooden is a seasoned Human Resources professional. She has a commonsense approach and the ability to create an environment where diverse individuals work together to make things better, because they want the benefits of doing so.  Diane is genuinely passionate about helping others reach success. She is dedicated and committed to improving work environments and creating positive employee and employer experiences.

Diane is a dynamic mover and shaker with infectious enthusiasm and passion for all that she does. She believes that excellence in human resource practices creates healthy corporate cultures. Healthy corporate cultures result in healthy productivity, and a successful, resilient business.

Numerous years “in the HR trenches” as well as in executive positions have equipped her with the necessary skills to help others achieve their goals. Diane spent many years working in large organizations until she hopped on a plane for the Middle East to spend 3 years with the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar instructing students from around the world and indulging in a multitude of high adventures. More recently she has worked with small to medium sized businesses in all aspects of human resource management.